The 3 Traffic Sources You Must Use To Get Attract Coaching Clients

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Jul 27

Blurred Road Towards The Setting SunIf you want to get more coaching clients and have those coaching clients come to you – then you must have a very simple strategy in place.

The biggest mistake almost all coaches make is they don’t really know how to get clients! So they go out and try and get referrals, joint ventures and all kinds of other manual labor strategies that take a lot of time and effort.

However, if you do it the right way you should be able to have a flood of clients coming to your site who want to buy from you!

The 3 Simple Traffic Sources You Must Be Using To Get More Coaching Clients:

First: Facebook Ads…

This is a given! It is the easy source that everyone knows they should be using but are not using cause they don’t know what they are doing! I’ve been able to use Facebook ads to get over 103,000 followers and get a lot of coaching clients.

But if you just go out and start buying ads, your going to end up in a lot of trouble. You have to make sure you are using the right strategy…

The right strategy is simple:

You have to have the right target group of people you are reaching.

You have to have the right type of ad in order to reach those people (mobile, desktop, exc)

You must have the right offer that brings you affluent clients who want to buy from you.

Second: Retargeting On Facebook…

This is almost as important as the Facebook Ads themselves. Most people who go out and get ads never use the power of retargeting.

How retargeting works is you simply run different ads to the people who came to your site and showed interest in what you had to offer. However they never took you up on that offer.

So you run a very simple little ad to them called a “retargeting ad”. That way you can remind them to come back to your site and take advantage of your coaching program or services.


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