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Jul 27

The 3 Traffic Sources You Must Use To Get Attract Coaching Clients

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Blurred Road Towards The Setting SunIf you want to get more coaching clients and have those coaching clients come to you – then you must have a very simple strategy in place.

The biggest mistake almost all coaches make is they don’t really know how to get clients! So they go out and try and get referrals, joint ventures and all kinds of other manual labor strategies that take a lot of time and effort.

However, if you do it the right way you should be able to have a flood of clients coming to your site who want to buy from you!

The 3 Simple Traffic Sources You Must Be Using To Get More Coaching Clients:

First: Facebook Ads…

This is a given! It is the easy source that everyone knows they should be using but are not using cause they don’t know what they are doing! I’ve been able to use Facebook ads to get over 103,000 followers and get a lot of coaching clients.

But if you just go out and start buying ads, your going to end up in a lot of trouble. You have to make sure you are using the right strategy…

The right strategy is simple:

You have to have the right target group of people you are reaching.

You have to have the right type of ad in order to reach those people (mobile, desktop, exc)

You must have the right offer that brings you affluent clients who want to buy from you.

Second: Retargeting On Facebook…

This is almost as important as the Facebook Ads themselves. Most people who go out and get ads never use the power of retargeting.

How retargeting works is you simply run different ads to the people who came to your site and showed interest in what you had to offer. However they never took you up on that offer.

So you run a very simple little ad to them called a “retargeting ad”. That way you can remind them to come back to your site and take advantage of your coaching program or services.


Mar 25

Why You Need Multiple Traffic Sources for Your Website

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technology, home and lifestyle concept - close up of man workingThe amount of traffic visiting a website is crucial for the success of a business. In the majority of cases, the amount of traffic a site gets is directly proportional to the organization’s sales as the company has a greater number of its audience going through the conversion funnel. Webmasters agree on the fact that it is crucial to diversify the number of traffic sources. Even though there is no conflict in this regard, the real question remains: how can you do this?

This article will look into numerous ways in which you can expand the number of sources that direct traffic to your website to prevent it from losing the audience from a single source if anything goes wrong.

Does your website rely too much on Google?

Before we dive into the various other sources that can be used to gain web traffic, it is important to figure out whether or not your online presence has become too reliant on Google. While someone at some point would have encouraged you to make sure that your website shows up in Google’s search results, to which you would have responded by investing considerable resources in securing a decent place in Google’s SERPS.

Even though Google – being the most commonly used search engine – can (and does) direct streams of traffic to a business’s website, a site that is too reliant on Google is actually in the risk zone. How?

Well, a single update in Google’s algorithm or a change in the way Google ranks websites can have devastating effects on a website, as has happened to many websites that were previously heavily using keywords for ranking purposes (Google has shifted from excessive keyword usage as a ranking factor).

Change is imminent. In the year 2013, Google forked out over 15 updates, many of which had negative effects on the traffic of many online businesses. Losing all or most traffic from Google is a very real scenario, and this is among one of the most crucial reasons that make it necessary for you to have multiple traffic sources for your website.

1. Paid Advertising

One of the most obvious ways of getting web traffic is through paid advertising. If you have not looked into investing in other websites to have them direct traffic to your site, then it is about time that you do so. A well-laid out paid advertising strategy can do wonders for your online presence and it should be implemented as a permanent part of any online business’s marketing plan.

2. Email Marketing

There is no other way of getting traffic to your website that is quicker and cheaper than email marketing. Any online business that is not building its email database is wasting a lot of opportunities – and possible customers.

You can include a link to your site in the signature of the email. A well-planned email marketing campaign can do a wonderful job of drawing more and more people to your website. Increase the chances of conversion by offering a freebie – people simply love free things that are of a certain value.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media is undoubtedly among one of the most effective and tested ways of directing traffic to a certain website. Social media platforms are brimming with users – and the numbers simply continue to increase at unprecedented rates. Even the lesser known networks can generate significant amounts of traffic to a website.
The best way to utilize social media channels is to establish your presence on different platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. A lot of businesses operate accounts on a number of social media platforms, keeping in touch with their audience by providing latest updates and quality content.

Today, businesses need to be more interactive with consumers as the latter demand a more personalized service. Social media networks enable just that by providing a platform for direct communication.
You can post links to articles/blogs and other interesting content that may be hosted on your website. This will lead the user to your website when they click the link.

4. Link Building

Link building is yet another way of drawing website traffic without depending on Google. You can request your partners & vendors to link to your website. Also, enter marketplaces to showcase your range of products and services and include a link to your website in the description area.

Another way of building links is to develop other websites that provide information related to your industry. For instance, you can create an informative website to educate people about your industry. Links can then lead visitors to your main website.

5. Online and Offline PR

‘Any form of publicity is good’ definitely holds true when traffic generation is concerned. Nevertheless, because you are interested in growing your business, it is imperative that you use only positive PR techniques. When done correctly, this marketing technique can yield long term results.

Whenever you launch a new product or a service, or if you expand your outreach, have a professional PR developed for both online and offline publishing. However, with PRs, it is important that they are newsworthy and interesting if they are to draw attention. Such PRs can be submitted online on websites such as PRWeb.

Meetups can also be hosted to draw attention to your company’s activities. Make sure the visitors have a great time – there is nothing more memorable than something that people enjoyed doing. For instance, offer games for children, free food or giveaways with your company logo and website printed on them.


The Internet has become an integral part of our lives. Scores of people get online to search for products, services, and information to digest. The internet offers businesses and marketers immense opportunities to maximize their productivity as well as profits. With so much competition in almost every other industry, it is important that you utilize every possible method for drawing traffic to your website.

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Mar 25

How to Engage with Your Email Newsletter List

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technology, home and lifestyle concept - close up of man workingEmail marketing is considered to be the most effective and sales increasing online marketing there is. This means that you need to make sure that not only do your emails get opened, but that they also have high click-through rates. In order to ensure that you are achieving your target through email marketing, the one most important thing that you need to do is engage your audience. And how can that be done? There are plenty of ways, you only need to focus on them, plan out a strategy and start emailing away. Here are some of the things that you can try.

Promotional Introductory Email

This is a must, because if you do not send out an introductory email, it is like inviting someone for dinner and not even bothering to greet them. As soon as someone joins your newsletter list, make sure you send them an introductory email that welcomes them and provide them some general information about you. Also, it would be a nice touch if you offer them some kind of a deal or discount as a way of thanking them. There is nothing that captures the attention of the clients than a free or discounted gift item.

Personalization and Customization

Your email should, from the very start, focus on getting personal with the prospects or clients. This does not imply that you do not respect them or become overly personal, just that you refer to them by their names and somewhat customize the email so that the viewer can feel that you are particularly trying to engage with them.
One more thing. Give the new prospective customers a chance to get in touch with you. Make sure you give an email address and respond immediately when you get a query. This is the one place where you simply can’t slack off.

Catchy Subject and Compelling Call to Action

Why would anyone want to open your email if it is like a dozen other presents in their inbox? This means that the one email they are able to see immediately is the one that you send out. The only way to achieve this is when your subject of email is catchy. One way is to make the subject urgent so that people are forced into checking out what it is that you have on offer. Referring to the receiver also creates intrigue, as does some kind of mystery that would only be unraveled when the person opens that email. Standing out among all the other emails is what is going to keep you prominent in the eyes of your target audience.

The second most important thing to keep the interest of your customers alive is to give them a clear cut call to action that they can follow. If, even by the end of the email, they are unable to figure out what is expected of them, then you have failed. This is the reason that your call to action needs to be very obvious and direct. Also, make sure it is placed at least twice in an email so that if someone misses it the first time, they can get to it the second time.

Make Them a Part of the Newsletter

Who does not like attention? By giving it to the right person, you can make all the difference to your email list. Since you are into online marketing, you must have social media pages where you hold regular discussions on one thing or the other. These discussions mean that all your loyal audience is active and participating regularly. Well, why don’t you show that not only have you noticed this, but also appreciate the stimulating and interesting point of views?

What you can do is pick out the best conversation on your social media websites and feature it in your newsletter. You will be surprised by the reaction you get. People love seeing their name in print and when you give them this much space, they are bound to become more active, as well as share their views with other people. This way, more and more people will want to become a part of not only your social media websites, but will also sign up for your newsletter!

Make Sharing Really is Caring

What is the easiest way to make sure that your clients are not only connected to you but also help in bringing more customers to your newsletter list? Let them share your newsletter. Did you know that there are literally dozens of your followers who simply do not have the time to go through your business blogs and instead prefer to take help from your newsletters? What this means is that they like your newsletter, and by giving them the option to share it easily, more people will be willing to sign-up to become a part of your circle.

All you need to do is insert social media links into the emails that you send out. The sharing tab would ensure that your readers can directly post whatever they read in your email onto their social media pages. You save time for your customers, they will bring more prospects.

Make THit Where it Feels

When it comes to the content of your email message, make sure that it is significant to the reader. Why would they want to even visit your website, let alone buy the product or services that you are offering? So what is the one thing that tugs at the heart of every single individual? Emotions! This is how big names like Coca Cola, Samsung, Kodak or even McDonald’s. What you are trying to achieve here is a connection with your clients, let them see the humane side to your business by appealing to their feelings. You can create videos, infographs, images, or even written content that inspires your consumers into not only following you, but becoming associated with you. Trust us, there is nothing that works better than how you can make your prospective customers or customers feel.

Now that you know all the ways that you can capture and retain the attention of your email list, make sure you plan and devise a strategy before jumping on the bandwagon and starting out all the ideas mentioned in this article. Try one thing at a time and you will see that not only are your audiences hooked to what you are giving them, but also increase your sales over the coming weeks. Always keep the preferences and ideology of your target audience in mind when you decide to gain and retain the attention of your prospects and clients.

Best of luck!

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Mar 25

The Best Way to Use Facebook Ads If You Are Just Starting Out

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technology, home and lifestyle concept - close up of man workingStatistics clearly show that an increasing number of businesses are starting to use Facebook ads for advertising purposes. These businesses are persistently spending more, shifting their budgets away from the traditional methods of advertising. What exactly is fueling this growth?

The answer is fairly simple. Facebook advertisings works; in fact, it works wonderfully. Before we jump into discussing how you should be using Facebook ads for your advertising campaigns, we need to talk about why Facebook is such a great tool for online (and offline) businesses.

Comparing Demand Generation and Demand Fulfillment

Let’s start by discussing the different between Facebook’s advertising and its main competitor, the Google Adwords.

The concept of Google Adwords is pretty straightforward, and if you have been around in the marketing industry, you would know how it works: a user searches using a keyword, they see relevant Google Adverts, click it and are led to the product/services’ page. This is pure demand fulfillment. Nonetheless, there are a number of issues with Google’s Adwords system:

  • For each product or service, there is a limit to the number of keywords that may be used for promotional purposes. If there are a number of competitors bidding for the same set of keywords, it can get really expensive.
  • It can only be used to fulfill an already-existing demand; and in many cases, target audiences do not search actively for the solution on Google.

On Facebook, on the other hand, a company does not have to worry about what the user is searching for. All it matters is who the target audience is, hence, people are actually targeted based on what their hobbies, interests, and jobs are – not the keywords they search for.

How Facebook Advertising is Improving Everyday

Facebook advertising has become a mature platform that has a lot of room for continuous innovation and improvement: and the Facebook team continues to introduce innovative solutions frequently. For example, over the last few months, Facebook has dramatically improved their Custom Audiences feature, allowing marketers and advertisers to more accurately target a certain group of users. As a result of such improvements, the customer acquisition cost incurred by businesses using Facebook advertising has decreased by a whopping 73 percent!

Getting Started with Facebook Ads

Before you can start to churn out adverts on Facebook, you need to spend some time setting up your Facebook advertising account. While this is not exactly rocket science, many new businesses prefer to have professional marketers do this for them. The account needs to be set correctly including numerous factors such as permissions, spending limits, and other critical details that can have colossal effect on the success of an advertising campaign.
When setting up the advertising account, the following things will need to be set:

  • Account information (name, address, etc)
  • Billing (payment methods)

Types of Facebook Ads

There are numerous types of Facebook ads available that cater for a certain objective. These varying types of ads are designed to meet the needs of all kinds of businesses.

Objective: More Traffic (and Leads) to Website

Suitable Ads: Domain Ad, Page Post Link, Multi-Product

Domain Ad

The Domain ad is placed in the Right Column and is the simplest of all ads. You can add a title, description, and a URL that can lead users to your company website. While it has seen a decline in the click-through rate (CTR) over the past few months, it is among the cheapest ads available.

Page Post Link

This ad can be placed in the Right Column and Newsfeed and also has support for mobile devices. It is ideal for promoting external websites and allows the advertiser to show a large image which can grab the attention of a user quite efficiently. A catchy title and description can further provide an explanation.


The multi-product ad supports mobile devices and appears in the Newsfeed. It is an excellent option for ecommerce advertisers who wish to showcase multiple products found in their store.

Three different products can be advertised in a single ad along with a title for each.

Objective: Engagement & Likes for Facebook Page

Suitable Ads: Page Like, Page Post Photo, Page Post Video, Page Post Text
Facebook ads can also be extremely efficient to increase the number of likes for your Facebook Page and to encourage greater engagement.

Page Like

For all those who are new to the world of Facebook advertising, the Page Like ad is a must-have as it helps to increase the number of page likes (therefore the number of fans) of a business. This ad can help you establish your presence on Facebook by attracting users to like your page.

This ad can be placed in the Right Column, Newsfeed, and has support for mobile.

Page Post Photo

Facebook is all about engagement. There could be no better way to engage your page fans than through the Page Post Photo. Choose the right image, and you are bound to get likes and comments!

Insert a link in the description, and you may even get a decent amount of traffic to your website. However, do not solely depend on this ad for traffic.

Placement options include Right Column, Newsfeed, and mobile.

Page Post Video

Video advertising is relatively new to the Facebook advertising arena; however, it is slowly yet steadily increasing in popularity. The reason behind the slow growth is the fact that it takes time and effort to produce a high quality video – not to mention the expenses involved in actually creating the video.

Nonetheless, when used as a part of a clever marketing and advertising strategy, the results can be impressive to say the least.

Page Post Text

While not as effective as photo and video page posts, the ad can be effective in some cases where bits of information are needed to be passed onto the users. However, try to avoid this as photo ads are far more attention-grabbing and effective.


A basic understanding of the types of ads available on Facebook and why you should use a particular type is crucial for deriving effective advertising campaigns. A professional Facebook marketer can discuss your advertising needs and recommend a suitable plan based on your budget.

Wait no more. Facebook marketing is the way to go – especially for small businesses that are trying to gain a stable position in today’s competitive industries. Facebook marketing is not only effective, it’s also quite affordable and looking back a few months from now, you’ll be glad you launched your first campaign!

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Mar 25

Importance of Split Testing for Online Sales

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technology, home and lifestyle concept - close up of man workingOnline businesses are one of the best things to emerge in recent years. Not simply because they are easier to handle, but also because it is simpler and more convenient to get access to all the data that will help you discover where you stand and what needs to be done in order to achieve your goals as an entrepreneur. And this is where split testing comes into the picture. Not really sure what split testing is or never tried it before? Well, you are certainly in the right place then. We will explain to you all that is necessary to understand how with the help of split testing, you can successfully and effectively increase your online sales. Read on to find out more.

What is Split Testing?

Split testing is a type of testing that studies the impact of different changes in the web design. Every design is a combination of a number of elements, and sometimes, adding, removing, or altering an element has an impact on how the visitors react to the page. Also known as A/B split testing, it is a method that allows you to prepare for two variants, A and B, for some specific situation. The variants are applied, keeping every other element the same, to see which variant is most productive and hence works best for that scenario.

What happens is that you give people choices. Maybe the artist-minded customers would be attracted to the color scheme that you chose for your A web page, while the hardcore information seekers would opt for the B page that lets them get as much knowledge as the can from the content you have embedded. In simple words, you will be able to figure out whether page A or page B is more effective for your target market. But what is even more beneficial is that you will be able to design a page C that will appeal to all kinds of customers.

The reason why A/B split testing works is that it allows you to discover the preference of your target audience. What is it that they are looking for and how can you provide it? By giving them options and seeing what works, you are able to figure out your final design.

What Can the Variants be?

Now that you know what split testing is, the question that comes to mind is this, exactly what are the things that can be considered variants and then tested? Below we have collected some ideas on what are the things that you can test against one another in order to increase your online sales.

Where is the Opt-in Offer?

Where exactly is the opt-in offer on your website? Does it immediately draw the attention of your website viewers? Simply by moving the location of the opt-in offer from one end to the other can make a huge difference. Try to keep the opt-in offer at a place that viewers are likely to see within a few seconds of being on the page. Make sure you also play around with the workings of the opt-in offer as that too could make a difference. One option is to make a hover banner that is visible on all the pages so that no matter which page a viewer sees, they have the chance to become your subscriber.

Headlines are Key!

This is another thing that you can use for your split testing. Headlines have a great impact on whether or not the viewers on your website decide to check other pages or not. They will only be willing to read the sales letter if the headline is compelling enough. You can come up with two impactful headlines and try them at different intervals to see what works best.

The Look of Your Website

One more thing that you can split test when it comes to your website is the way your website appears. This would include everything from color combination to format, font to the content that is present on the site. Make sure that you keep your business in mind and plan out the two variants accordingly. One thing that you can do is play around with the location of text, images, and videos if you have any. The position of different elements can cause a lot of impact on the sales of your online business.

Call to Action

Call to action is the most important thing that you have when it comes to marketing, be it online or traditional methods. Since we are discussing online marketing here, what kind of a call to action do you have? Is it catchy? Visible? Understandable? All these things are what decide whether you even get a sale or not, which means that you can experiment to see what attracts the customers most.

Introduction Emails

If you are catering to email marketing, and you definitely should if you aren’t already, then split testing is the perfect way to see what it is that prospects are into when it comes to introductory emails or newsletters. You can come up with two emails, A and B, and send them to say, 20 people each. Whichever email gets you the most sales, is your winner and you can then start wide spreading the one that was loved by most.

So this was all about split testing and how it can be utilized to increase sales for your online marketing or business. Keep in mind though that you will have to work for a while in order to figure out the two best variants for your marketing scheme. It may not be effective the very first time you try, but as you learn, you will realize all the things that went wrong and how you can improve them for your next testing session. Keep trying and within no time you will notice a significant positive change in the way your sales flourish.

Try all these split testing ideas to see what works best for you.

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Mar 25

Social Media is Important for Getting Website Traffic

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technology, home and lifestyle concept - close up of man workingThere are many ways of promoting site traffic. However, using social media marketing to boost traffic to websites has emerged rather recently and has already developed a reputation of being an effective one. According to Hubspot, in 2014, 92% of marketers claimed the importance of social media marketing for their business. Out of those, a staggering 80% indicated that it increased traffic to their websites.

Social Media Examiner reported that about 97% of marketers are participating in social media currently; however, 85% of participants aren’t sure which social media tools to use. This indicates a huge potential of increasing website traffic, provided you do it the right way. So, how do social media do what it claims to be capable of?

Diversification Is Good

Even though Google remains the top choice for many people, it does seem keen to make life difficult for website owners. Certain updates of Google often lead to a drop in traffic referred to search engines. Branching out and using more than one-way to promote your website ensures traffic to it, even if one door closes.

Get Recognized

Your website has its own voice and unique content. Every opportunity you can use to let others know about it is an opportunity that should not be missed. Frequent users of a particular social network may come across your website in a newsfeed for the first time. It even makes you easier and more accessible to new apathetic customers while making you more recognizable for existing ones.

A Gift That Keeps On Giving

As the number of social media users keeps on growing, this shows that users are actually spending more time on Facebook than on Google. A larger number of social networking audience means the traffic opportunities through the aforementioned networking sites will grow right alongside with it.


Inbound links to your website is an easy way to generate traffic since Google indexes your Twitter updates, as well as your social networking profiles.


Once your website is listed on your Twitter, Facebook, or other popular social media platforms, this will drive the right people to it. Only a person who is interested in what you’re selling (or saying) is going to click on the link to your website. This is the result of directly targeting the right audience!

Get In The Game

Do not let your competitors poach your potential social media traffic, since they’re already in the game and you aren’t! If your competitors don’t know how to tweet, that is all the better for you! The world is yours for the taking; you just have to get in the game.

Stay Connected

One of the most important aspects of social media marketing is that it allows you to not only connect with your users, but also to stay connected! Once your twitter account has followers or a Facebook user has liked your page, you can get the word out to them, whatever you want and whenever you want. It is effective because it allows for targeted marketing at the right time.

Another advantage of staying connected is that even if your Google ranking drops, your user will not end up on your competitor’s website. They would know how and from where to reach you!

Refer Them To Me

Many users visit a website on the suggestion made by a friend. First visits have a greater chance of becoming repeat visits given the friend’s recommendation. A deeper connection with the website develops when it is referred to you by your friend is a possibility and would mean good news for the business owner.

Better Listener

Social media marketing turns you into a better listener! Not only do you gain valuable information about what interests your customers or how they behave, you also gain valuable customer insights about what people think of your business. Which topics generate the highest amount of interest is the kind of information that lands directly into your lap! The next step is to produce more content of that type. Promotions posted on social media channels will eventually lead you to the perfect combination to generate revenue or more traffic.

Make New Friends

You don’t just want the people already familiar with your website to be the only inbound traffic it receives. With social media, every profile you add is another path on the road map that brings them to your site. Quality content on those profiles means another opportunity for a new visitor, which means more traffic, leading to more conversions.

Flying Off To New Horizons

Tap into sources that are known widely. There are other things to try, such as making a profile on LinkedIn to utilize social media. Once just a site for finding employment, LinkedIn has broadened and become a valuable publishing platform. Do give it a try. Webinars, Slideshare and Scribd are other facets to check out. Create a Youtube channel or a Google+ page. Be sure to embed the link to your website when trying out these new avenues.

Look at me, I’m Friendly!

When you interact with your regular customers, it shows good faith to new or potential ones. People turn to social media to compliment a product or service. When they post your name, you could gain a new audience, even if they just start by following you. More people talking about you on social media means higher brand authority. Interacting with major influencers on social networks will cause your visible authority to skyrocket. So be active on the media, very active!

I Deserve Special Treatment

Interacting with your regulars via the social media makes it possible for you to acknowledge them publicly. Whenever someone reaches out to you, acknowledge them. We all want to feel special and to be cared about; social media helps you with that.

A Picture Speaks Louder Than Words… Or Not

While tweeting about your website, adding a video to your tweet or an animated GIF would attract more people. The rule is turned on its head when posting on Facebook; those users are more likely to click on a post that is only text based. Knowing your market is bound to increase traffic and social media will help with that.

Always Be On Time

Tweet on time. With facilities like Now Trending, you will always stay abreast of the current news and topics in vogue. Once you interweave yourself into such a tweet skillfully, you will hit the jackpot! It is all in the tweeting! Social media now lets you be fully present in the now and use it to your advantage while letting you peek into the upcoming trends. Link to custom hash tags for current events, such as the Oscars, to do your work for you. There is no end to possibilities!

When you’re using the social media, the world itself becomes your link to linking! Made your profile(s) yet? Hope to see you on the other side!

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