Blog Post: The $5 Per Day Facebook Ads Strategy For Getting Highly Qualified Coaching Clients

cafe-on-beachThe biggest mistake coaches and consultants make is they thing you need to spend a lot of money on Facebook ads in order to get clients.

Good News: If you know the right strategy you don’t need to spend very much money at all & still be able to have a steady stream of clients seeking you out for your services.

There is actually a very simple strategy you can use right now so that you can start getting coaching clients on only $5 per day in ad spend…

The Simple 4 Step $5 Per Day Facebook Ad Strategy For Attracting Highly Qualified Clients On Autopilot


1 – Stop Thinking You Need To Spend A Pile Of Money On Getting Traffic:

The single biggest problem most coaches and consultants have is they seem to think that you have to somehow spend thousands a month on Facebook to get clients and make a profit. The problem with that strategy is that it is simply not true at all!

I’ve got one client (Michelle) who’s been able to get $10k to $15k a month in new coaching clients on a $5 per day ad! (Here’s the formula she used).

The secret to getting coaching clients coming to you on a $5 a day budget is to make sure you are focused on PRECISION and not just getting a bunch of clicks, likes and shares. Those things all help and are all nice – but we need to simply focus on finding the right people who want what we have and then get our stuff in front of them.

Lastly – If you are selling coaching or consulting – you don’t need a lot of clients coming on board every month if you want to hit the multi six figure mark. Which means your not going to need a lot of traffic. So stop thinking that you do!

Change your mindset from thinking you need tens of thousands of visitors to only needing a small amount of the right visitors.

This is the simple strategy I used to build a multiple six figure a year coaching business! In fact, I was able to get over 100,000 followers on Facebook starting with this exact strategy.
(Here’s the simple 5 step formula)

2 – Focus On This ONE THING Only:

Everyone online seems to be focused on getting “cheap clicks”, “cheap newsletter subscribers”, “cheap webinar registrations”, exc… The problem with that is you can never win the traffic game if you are only focused on “cheaper”.

The only number you should be focused on right now is “How Much Is It Costing You To Get A Client”!

That’s the only number that matters!

Blurred Road Towards The Setting SunIf you don’t have any clients yet from paid traffic sources like Facebook ads – that’s okay! You can start with $5 per day and figure out how much it costs to get your first client.

When you focus on the WRONG NUMBERS you end up freaking out if your newsletter or ebook subsciber rate goes down and you shut your ads of cause you think it was too expensive!

Don’t do that!

Just focus on how much it is costing you to get a client and don’t worry about the rest.

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3 – Go For The Money Now:

If you want to start getting highly qualified clients for $5 a day in ad spend on Facebook you need to go for the money.

What do I mean by that?

Set up your website and business so that you are driving your traffic from Facebook to your best offer that is the most profitable.

If you have a super complex system that consists of 10 info products then a bunch of other stuff before they ever get a chance to pay you a lot of money for your coaching or consulting – your never going to actually get the high value people who want to spend money coming to you.

They’ll just all get lost in your suite of products and cheap offers.

Now, you can have cheap products BUT make sure you have your big money coaching program or consulting offer available for people right away as you will probably get A LOT of people taking you up on it & be able to make fast money on a small ad budget.

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4 – Stop Running Your Ads On Mobile:

Right now the big trend with Facebook ads and all the other ad platforms is using “mobile ads”…

Running mobile ads is a great strategy for the traffic source that you are using and a really BAD strategy if you are buying traffic. The reason is – mobile ads can get A LOT of clicks and A LOT of visitors.Magnetic Compass On A World Map

But the problem is that it is really hard to get conversions on mobile. Meaning – it’s really hard to get people to signup for your free ebook or webinar on a phone.

So the secret here is to make sure you only run your ads on DESKTOP and then if you can get some good conversions – then test mobile.

Bottom Line:

You can get clients very quickly and very easily if you know what you are doing and if you have the right SIMPLE system. It’s really not that hard & starting with $5 per day you can do it! Here’s a link to a content only webinar I am running that will teach you all the advanced strategies for making this happen so you can quickly start enrolling clients.

Jason Nyback






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